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The End (of 2016) Is Near!


2016. What a strange year. Thankfully, it is drawing to a close.

It’s like we’ve been living in some weird opposite world or worse.

The media calls me a homophobe because I do not engage in or support LGBT activities. Unless, of course, you mean liquor, guns, bacon and tits. Then, yeah, I support them.

They call me a racist because I don’t support Obama or his Black Lives Matter movement and anti-police rhetoric.

They call me a misogynist because I supported a male oompa loompa over a female crime family don who knowingly would trade America’s security for personal gain for president.

I am an islamophobe because I refuse to bow to political correctness by accepting that MOST of the terrorist acts committed in the world are committed by radical islamists. Also, I use the term, “radical islamist.” I believe I get a “two-fer” for that one (islamophobe and racist).

I am deplorable because of the above statements.

I am uneducated because I support the president-elect. Even though I am college educated and have had two successful careers in my life so far.

I am a “hate filled” white supremacist because I think Kanye should STFU and stick to banging his Kardashian. But I support Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Michelle Malkin and many more “people of color.”

I am insensitive because I think millennials should suck it up and realize that life IS difficult and learn to deal with it instead of crying to mommy because somebody said something they didn’t like.

I am un-American because I reject the unrelenting march toward socialism that the left and its sycophantic media are leading.

The truth is I am an angry, middle-aged, white, heterosexual male. I am a veteran. I believe in the constitution, the second amendment and American exceptionalism.

I am absolutely amazed that a card-carrying socialist (Bernie Sanders) was even CONSIDERED for president of the United States. But when we have a current president and a large segment of the population that hail communist revolutionaries and dictators as heroes, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised at all. Or that the same segment of the population believes that the opinions of actors and other entertainers are so insightful and intelligent that they are actually influenced by them. Or when the media calls Fidel Castro Cuba’s “George Washington.” What. The. Fuck???
I hope that we can collectively extract our cranium from our fourth point of contact.

I hope 2017 is better.

I hope that Tom Hanks’ wish is fulfilled. (That Trump does such a great job that Hanks votes for Trumps’ re-election.)

In the meantime, remember…

Life is a Sandwich. Eat it up!

  1. Rich Johns says:

    TOP Shelf, brother…….As Always!

  2. Thanks, Rich!

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