Mike's Long Walk



Mike's last SMS Message from the summit of Mt. Katahdin:


"Tough hike today. I am so finished! Road trip to Boston."


Congratulations, Mike!


Here is Mike's end of journey blog post:


Back to My Other Life...Still I Rise.


Mike reaches the summit of Mount Katahdin, Maine. 2,175 miles in 141 days.


"As strangers often do, we hit it off straight away. We met in Wales in the fall. I was looking for support to climb Snowden. Everything we did was perfect, step by step our confidence in each other grew. I began musing about a longer journey in the Spring. We started together in Georgia and headed north, after a few missteps we got stronger and tackled many mountains. It wasn't so much the distance but the obstacles overcome. We got tired and needed time to recover. Take care of your boots and they will take care of you. I washed and cleaned them made sure they had the right nourishment and they were always ready for the next day. We kicked many unmovable stones and roots the boots took a serious beating but were always ready to hold my feet and ankles the next day through the rain, rocks and mud. Good friends until the end at 848 Trail miles and many more getting water and supplies. Rest in Peace my friends..."

- Mike Redding, "Ode to my Boots"

As with most journeys, it begins with a dream. Most of us have the dream but how many of us actually set out on that journey?

The door of opportunity is always right there in front of you.


But in order to begin the journey, you've got to walk through that door...



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