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Desert Dwelling


Hi, everybody!

Well, 4 ½ months into the new job I am on my first official business trip. A month in Sierra Vista, Arizona.

As I left Florida, it seems the rainy season was just starting and the temperature and humidity were on the rise as well. But, I was headed to the desert.

As I arrived in Tucson and we headed off the plane to the terminal, one could feel the scorching desert heat forcing its way into the jet bridge. “Oh, boy,” I thought. “This is gonna suck.”

But, with no other option, I headed into the cool comfort of the terminal, picked up my bag and headed to the car rental counter.

As rental cars go, I don’t usually expect much. Most of the time, I will supersize it at the rental counter and drive away at least semi-satisfied. Not the case here. While I desperately tried to upgrade, I was unsuccessful and ended up driving away in a Nissan Versa. Billed as the “cheapest car in America,” I can sum it up in three words:

Worst. Car. Ever.

It will turn a quarter in the high tens (and by that, I mean it will reach 25 MPH in around 10-11 seconds), and 0-60 in… well, I don’t really know because at an hour away, there wasn’t enough time between Tucson and Sierra Vista to actually achieve that speed.

The car has already tried to kill me several times as I attempted to negotiate busy intersections in what I used to consider routine maneuvers.

I miss my bike and I will never bad-mouth my Mom’s car (I am using it in Florida) again.

As for the weather here, it has rained a few times and the mercury has hit triple digits a couple of times.

Funny thing, though. 100 degrees here feels about the same as 75 does in Florida. Aside from the initial shock of getting in the car after it has been sitting all day, it’s actually very comfortable. And, while the memory of sitting outside watching fireworks in Tempe one Fourth of July when the temperature was 110 at 10:30 at night will forever be seared into my brain, it actually cools down a bit at night here. I guess that’s because Phoenix, as someone here told me, is a few miles closer to Hell.

Anyway, while I am in the land of decent barbecue and Mexican food, I’m still looking forward to getting back to Tampa in a few weeks.

Until then, however, remember:

Life is a Sandwich. Eat it Up!

  1. Debra LaRaia says:

    I was there 2 weeks ago.Make sure you go to Bisbee. Good food, funky town with microbrews. Don’t forget sunscreen

  2. Will do, Deb. Thanks!

  3. Rich Johns says:

    dude: How quickly your body has forgotten getting ‘used to’ the High Triple Digits when waiting For Shield to go to Storm….. And for me? Baghdad May 2005 135 for five days….at 0200 in the Morning. “But it’s a Dry Heat!” LMFAO. GREAT to see the Sandwich UP Again, Brother.
    RJ Sends.

  4. “Dry Heat.” Yeah… You roast chickens with dry heat. LOL!

  5. Dave Lange says:

    Swing by Tombstone while you’re down there, Mike. Just so you know, it’s about 60 up here in God’s country today. Not as close to hell. Good to see you back.

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