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Is God Relevant?


God has no place in our society.


There. I said it.

I came to this realization recently when I read a Veterans Day address from an admiral and my eyes were immediately drawn to his concluding sentence that included the words, “God Bless.”

The fact that those words caused a raised eyebrow or that I was even drawn to them shows that we as a society have been sufficiently indoctrinated in the secular humanistic and atheistic dogma of the liberal left.

The elimination of the word “Christmas” from our public vocabulary has been accomplished. New words like “inclusivity” and “diversity” replace words like “morality” and “values.”

Then there was the email from the HR folks of the leviathan Department of Defense agency I work for that states that if you have a “Holiday Tree” you must include an equal amount of decorations for Christmas (Auughhh! They used the “C” word!), Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Ramadan (I personally am offended that they did not include the Druid and Wiccan celebration of Winter Solstice as well).

As for my office, I am banning the use of the word, “Holiday.” This word is a derivative of two words, Holy and Day or “Holy Day.” That smacks of religion and should not be tolerated in the workplace!

Am I right?

Yeah, you know I am.

Perhaps these folks think that by eliminating God there will be no more war. After all, how many wars throughout history have been waged in the name of God (or Allah or whoever)? And what makes either party so sure God is on their side?

I believe God is more like a tired parent answering that question with, “I’m not on anybody’s side. Now knock it off! What, are you f’n retahded? (yes, God has a Boston accent) I said KNOCK IT OFF!!!”

Nobody listens to God either.

The scriptures tell us that God made man in His image. That frightens me a little.
If this is indeed the case, then in the words of the late Frank Zappa, “If we’re dumb then God is dumb. And maybe even a little ugly on the side.”

Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

By the way, the original Thanksgiving… weren’t the pilgrims giving thanks to God?

I’m just saying.

In the meantime remember,
Life is a Sandwich. Eat it Up!


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  1. Rich Johns says:

    Thanks for the New Sandwich. Missed it. Back in Baghdad, awaiting a decision that will move us further ‘Up’ the road. I will keep posting on Facebook if I can, and regular email if I can’t. Watching the North, East and West for signs of WHAT the New Year will Bring! Molly graduates college May 2012 and methinks I’ve had all the FUN I can have over heah.
    Happy Thanksgiving! and Merry CHRISTMAS, f’ the towelheads over here and the Libtards in the States. R18J Sends.
    Pepper Spray….
    When you DON’T want to buttstroke Protesters……

  2. Came here by accident says:

    ??????????? I’m so confused. What is your position on religion in society?

  3. Came here by accident says:

    Or was your intent to be ambiguous.

  4. Thanks for your comment. The post was deliberately written to be somewhat vague and ambiguous with a heavy sardonic tilt. Needless to say I feel that religion does have a place but to stand up and say, “My God is better than your God!” And then start murdering in His name is just ludicrous. To deny the existence of Christ, whether you believe He was the messiah or not, is equally ludicrous.

  5. Where’s the “Like” button for comments?!?
    Geez Mike!!

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