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My WTF Week

My WTF Week

It’s been a helluva week, folks. First, there’s the usual crap I have to deal with at work. You know, missed suspense dates, micro-management, IT facists turning off access to ebay and internet radio, personnel issues, etc.

Then there’s the drama at the high school my daughter attends. My wife felt a homework incident warranted a visit to the teacher (read: she got her jihad on) and the drama escalated. The teacher had the opportunity to diffuse the situation by merely apologizing (whether or not she really meant it) and that would have been the end of it.

Nope. She chose to roll her eyes and deny everything, thus sending my wife into overdrive.

The next day, my daughter was informed that she had been absent from cheerleading practice five times and was dismissed from the team. I got involved at that point.

By the way, the teacher my wife confronted is also an assistant cheerleading coach.

I asked the school to send me the attendance records and, sure enough she had been absent four days. Two excused absences, two were even before the tryouts for the season! The vice principal was deeply offended when I pointed out that even not being a math major I knew that the numbers did not total five unexcused (or otherwise) absences.

Well, they decided to allow my daughter to continue the season.

How big of them.

The real shame is that this school has the potential to rival any high-dollar private school in America.

If they would just hire more adult teachers, less egotistical and parochial administrators and teachers that actually like kids.

Anyway, off to Tucson tomorrow where I look forward to decent Mexican food and a drink or three with my old boss. Then it’s off to Washington, DC for a couple of days where I am looking forward to lunch with my old friend and author, John Fenzel (check out his debut novel at

In the meantime, remember: Life is a sandwich. Eat it up!

  1. Rich Johns says:


    Welcome to Facebook and Thanks for getting the Sandwich back up.
    IF’n you are anywhere in the vicinity of DC Metro between 30 Aug and 12 Sept I’ll be around on ‘rotation’ from Baghdad. Also Cath and I’ll be BACK from out MED/Caribb Disney cruise 6 Oct and I’ll be home about a week until I go back downrange.
    Merry Christmas, yes that’s right Christ-Mass, my brother.
    R18J Sends

  2. Thanks, Rich. All the best Christmas wishes to you and Cath and the family as well.

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