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Greetings From Sunny Florida!

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It has been a while since I have put pen to paper (okay, fat fingers to keyboard) to produce an article for this site. But, in my defense, I had a half-assed good excuse.

I have relocated from Europe back to the homeland.

Yes, having been voted off the sceptered isle by my government overlords in Washington, DC, I had two choices. I could retire or I could take the position offered that would bring me to the Sunshine State.

Don’t get me wrong. This was no easy choice. My family had pretty much gone native and put down roots.

“This far and no farther,” was the cry!

I, on the other hand, had a much more difficult time deciding.

On one hand, I could retire, buy a food truck and pursue my dream of becoming the next fast food impresario, selling barbecue and hot sauce outside the gates of various US Air Force installations around the United Kingdom. On the other hand, I could move back to the USA, build more savings and equity for a more comfortable retirement down the road. Plus the new job would refresh old skills that I had not used in many years, updating my resume and networks for other pursuits should I choose to continue down that road.

The decision process was maddening!

I performed deep soul searching, financial analysis and compared all manner of metrics. I consulted with friends, business associates and advisors. And in the end, one simple piece of advice made up my mind.

“Dude, take the job. Come to Tampa, see the sun and get warm.”

So, I packed a few belongings that I figured I would need like my Kamado Joe grill, my collection of fine Scotch whisky, my cigars and guitars and left a very large part of my life behind.

When I arrived in Tampa, I picked up the brand new Harley-Davidson waiting for me at the dealership and began this adventure.

So, here I am, alone and unafraid. Heeding the Sandwich motto:

2015-02-08 12.20.20Life is a Sandwich. Eat it up!


  1. Mike Woods says:

    Sounds exciting Michael!

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