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F U R L O U G H E D !


Well, this sucks.

I have been furloughed. That means that I am still employed but I am only allowed to work four days a week. I mean, don’t get me wrong, that part is pretty cool! The downside, however, is that I only get paid for those four days a week. That means that I am taking a 20% cut in pay. At first, one thinks, “20%? How bad can that be?” The answer to that is. “Pretty freakin’ bad!”

So, besides hemorrhaging money getting my daughter ready to ship off to college, as well as having to pay for said college, there is that pesky reduction in pay so our exalted one can take his multi-billion dollar vacations, congress can take their 5 weeks of paid vacation before they come back to NOT pass a budget, vote themselves a pay raise, cut veterans benefits, and exempt the IRS from the law.

Nice, huh?

Of course, as soon as all this happens is when stuff starts to break. I spent this morning installing a new dishwasher. I have to make an appointment for my wife’s car because the “check engine” light is on. And the hits just keep coming.

Anyway,┬áto make use of some of that extra time on my hands, I have produced the “Furlough Friday Cookbook.” You can buy it here:

Here’s a little preview to whet your appetite (pun intended).

The furlough Friday cookbook preview

If I sell 500,000 copies, I’ll be able to pay for my daughter’s college, fix the car, pay off the credit cards, buy lace-up shoes and stop drinking “Military Special” whiskey (Plain bottle, white label, with the word, “Scotch” in black lettering).

So, come on… help a brother out.

Until the next time, remember…

“Life is a Sandwich. Eat it up!”


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