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Paranoia Strikes Deep!


Welcome to the last article of 2012.


Granted, I think I only wrote three articles during the whole year.

But, I find it extremely difficult during these times to motivate myself to the keyboard to express an opinion that frankly, if I were in the reading audience, I could give a shit less about.

I tried to get back to the roots of this site by writing food related articles only and leaving my political opinions at the door with my gun and hat. I did that primarily because I am currently in the employ of His Majesty, King Obama the First and figured that any dissenting opinion (they are ALL dissenting) would not be conducive to a long career.


Writing food related articles only has proven nearly impossible. I blame Facebook. I find it far easier to just upload a photo and a short comment or caption in almost real-time from my phone rather than breaking out the laptop to compose an article, upload photos, try to remember the admin password for the site, etc.

But for the final article of 2012, I will risk it all. I’ve been biting my tongue until it bleeds for four years now. I had high hopes that I would be released from my self-imposed moratorium in the new year but, alas, we find ourselves at the mercy of a corrupt and morally bankrupt political machine for four more years.

So, here goes. Enjoy…


I have never been one much for conspiracy theories. I believe Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK. I believe we landed on the moon. I believe 9-11 was the work of terrorists.

I have also never been much of an anti-government radical or survivalist or prepper or a believer that the end is nigh.

But the things that are taking place in the United States of America now have me thinking.

I now genuinely fear for the future of my daughter and my country. The events of the past four years have also caused me to ask why so many intelligent individuals can be so collectively stupid. But I also realize that the radical left-wing youth of the sixties are now in the seat of power and that the “ME” generation is now the controlling voting bloc.

The American Communist Workers Party has evidently gone mainstream and become the Democratic Party and the Republican Party has become a bunch of stodgy old farts that refuse to get with the program. The mainstream media has embraced their darling and promoted him from president to messiah.

The Constitution has been trampled on by those that feel it does not suit their agenda and we as a people have let it happen. They have the balls to push their Europe-ization of America down our throats while we lack the balls to stop them.

Yes, Europe-ization.

I live in Europe. I see first-hand what gun control, political correctness, socialized medicine and big government have visited upon the people.

The United Kingdom has ultra-strict gun laws and a disarmed populace. It also has the highest per capita violent crime rate in Europe.

I live next door to a hospital but will drive an hour to an American base to see an American doctor because socialized medicine has practically relegated the UK’s medical standing to third-world status.

VAT (Value Added Tax or sales tax) is 20% nationwide for most goods and services. Gasoline costs about $8.50 per gallon (that’s actually cheap right now).

Because of the European nanny-state mindset that people are too stupid to be responsible for their own actions, simple things such as welding a piece of metal on your car requires a permit and a fire truck standing by on site at the auto crafts shop on base. Average consumers cannot buy a tall ladder. The list gets longer and more ridiculous every day.

God help you if you speak out against illegal immigration, Islamic radicalization of those illegal immigrants or any other politically sensitive issue.

It’s also fun to watch unions hold the entire nation hostage.


As the late great Ronald Reagan said, “Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don’t need it, and hell where they already have it.”

I sincerely hope that the plunge off the “fiscal cliff” does not put our great nation in mortal danger from those who wish to destroy it from outside or from within.

For those of you who understand what the Second Amendment truly means, keep your powder dry because for the first time in my life I am beginning to see that perhaps some of those right-wing nut jobs were right. I hope I am wrong but in case I’m not…

For my former SF brethren, it might be time to refresh your knowledge of FM 31-21 and update yourselves with FM 3-05.201. Lock and load, boys.

For the rest of you, through all my pessimism and fear, I wish you all a safe and prosperous New Year.

And, through the good times and the bad, remember…

Life is a sandwich. Eat it Up!


  1. paranoia – or is everyone really out to get us – you decide!

  2. Ron Johansen says:

    I TOLD you so!!
    Ron Johansen
    Right Wing Nut Job

  3. Zombies, don’t forget zombies! lol

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