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“May You Live In Interesting Times”

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I was in London this past weekend. A little shopping, a little sightseeing, a little business.

My Macbook Pro died so I deposited it in the Apple store on Regent Street to have it repaired, thus giving me an excuse to go back to London this coming weekend.

About two blocks away from the Apple store, some drama was unfolding. I saw a helicopter in a high hover and there were quite a few emergency vehicles in the area. Evidently, a man took hostages and claimed to have a bomb. Thus London was given a preview of what an armed response would look like should an incident occur during the upcoming Olympics. I have to admit, it was pretty impressive.

Anyway, did some shopping at Harrod’s, then visited the British Library (WAY cool!). In the library I got to see original copies of the Magna Carta, biblical scrolls, early religious texts and other rarities. I got to see the original pen and ink lyrics to a few Beatle songs as well. The words to “Michelle” scribed on the back of an envelope, “Day Tripper” on a piece of children’s note paper and annotated lyrics to “Yesterday.”

Then, before returning home, I had lunch with my old friend, Majed, whom I served with during the first Gulf War. We had a pleasant lunch at another high-end department store, Selfridges. After lunch we said our goodbyes and went about tracking wives and credit cards.

Last stop for me was the Food Hall in Selfridges where they were showcasing Irish food producers. I met the men behind the Organic Herb Company (OHCo) and sampled their wares. In a word, AWESOME.

They produce herbed oils, rubs, salts, etc. and do it very well. I spent more than I anticipated on their stuff but it was well worth it. You should check them out on Facebook (

Well, I guess this wraps it up for this edition so remember,

Life is a Sandwich. Eat it up!



  1. WayneO says:

    Always wanted to return to England when I had the luxury of sight seeing for more than just a few hours. Guess I need to add the British Library to the list; thanks!
    Oh, and I’ll try not to be the cause for a show of emergency response such as was staged for you…

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