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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2010!


First, I never imagined I would make it this far. When I was a young man, I thought making it to the year 2000 would be an incredible feat.

Looking back, I think I was right. I’m actually surprised I made it past the age of 30 after all the stupid sh*t I’ve done.

But, I made it.

And, as I do every year, I learned a few things in 2009. Reflecting on the past year, here a few tidbits I picked up:

174 / 128 is high for blood pressure
Orlando has tornados, too
I still do not like flying (now, thanks to some suicidal religious moron, I can dislike it even more!)
NOTHING about Mercedes-Benz is inexpensive
There’s a REASON I don’t eat at places like Wienerschnitzel anymore
I’m finding it increasingly difficult to party like a rock star (I’ll still try, though)
What global warming?

And the snow just KEPT coming! Washington, DC Blizzard 2009

And the snow just KEPT coming! Washington, DC Blizzard 2009

Starting a business is not as easy as it looks
I’m starting to not enjoy my job as much as I used to (but they continue to pay me really well and, well, I am a whore)
It pays to be a “premium” passenger when the lines are a mile long in the airport
Star Trek was AWESOME (and so was Inglourious Basterds)
John Lithgow in Dexter was AMAZING
VIP quarters at Landstuhl, Germany are nice
Converting the gas grill from propane to natural gas makes life a LOT easier

Speaking of gas grills… I managed to get in one last grilling session in 2009 on New Years Eve. Mmmmm… grilled chicken and homemade brats.

Then I managed to get the first grilling session of 2010 in last night when I made inside-out cheeseburgers (or cheese-stuffed burgers or, if you’re from Minnesota, “Juicy Lucy” burgers).


Make two patties of whatever type of ground meat you want (I use Angus ground chuck) about 1/4″ thick. Take a slice of whatever cheese you want (Minnesotoans will insist on American cheese for authenticity) and quarter it then place the stack in the middle of one of the patties. Place the other patty on top and seal the edges. Grill on a HOT grill for about 6 minutes per side or until done to your liking. Place on a bun with the usual toppings and enjoy!

Anyway, I hope everyone’s new year is a safe, happy and prosperous one.

In the meantime, remember… Life is a Sandwich. Eat it UP!


  1. Chris Weathers says:

    Thanks for the imagery of you as a whore Mike. :O

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