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And… we’re back in the room.

And… we’re back in the room.

Welcome back to the Sandwich. It has been a long and painful road but I finally managed to settle on a new design and, thanks to my web guy, Jerry Hirsch, get this thing back up and running.

I’ll be making a few more changes here and there but I think the site is about where I want it now. I have also put a link to the old site where you can still view recipes, rants, etc. from the past ten years. Hopefully we can go for another ten years!

Feel free to give me a shout and let me know how you like (or not like) the new site.

As always, Life is a Sandwich, Eat it Up!


  1. Dink Jordan says:

    Great Site Mike, I am very proud of my friend from the past. Wowwww!!!!

  2. Rich Johns says:

    Welcome Back, Man… I’ve missed the Sandwich, the travel, and the recipes.

    RJ Sends

  3. Hey Mike,

    The site looks great, glad to see you are back up and running.

  4. Jerome Parker says:

    What’s up Mike,
    Been a long time man and often check out your site every know and then to see your doing good. As life has it I’m doing pretty well myself.

    I’m still in the DC area so look me up on the global and we’ll meet up for old times.

    Jerome – ole dissemination crew c/o 2000

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