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“…what is and what should never be.”

“…what is and what should never be.”

Wow! Time sure is flying by!

Maybe it’s because I’ve been on the road a lot more than usual over the last few months. A trip to Garmisch, Germany, home for a week, then Heidelberg, home again, Chantilly, Virginia, home… and so forth.

Let’s see… food stuff… in Garmisch I went out for dinner one night and had a great venison stew at a little restaurant near the hotel but other than that, nothing remarkable.

Bratwurst stand, Heidelberg

Bratwurst stand, Heidelberg

Heidelberg, on the other hand, was great! I was there during Fasching, which was way cool. Ate some great German food in different restaurants with the most memorable being the Hackteufel. I HIGHLY recommend this place! Especially for their super artery-clogging cholesterol bomb (schnitzel smothered in a cheese sauce). I also had the best bratwurst ever at a stand set up for the Fasching parade. Had I driven to Germany, I probably would have spent a lot of money on a trunkload of brats. Also got to party with some of my favorite party animals (You know who you are).

And, on to Chantilly… the best barbecue I’ve had in a REALLY long time at a little hole-in-the-wall place called Willard’s. Also got to see my friend George’s recording studio finally. Been trying to get over to his house to see it for a couple of years now. Pretty cool! WAY cool was being on a business trip to the same town that my little brother was in on an assignment, too! We got to have dinner together and a nice talk to catch up. Although schedule conflicts kept us from getting together more. Still, good time!

Anyway, some things that have been bugging me while I have been away from the Sandwich:

Lindsay Lohan suing eTrade for supposedly mocking her in a commercial. You know the one, the baby trader and the reference to “milkaholic Lindsay.” I figure maybe I can sue the makers of Life cereal because most of my life I have had to endure the inevitable, “Hey, Mikey!” jokes.

Terrorists on airplanes. Question: Why do they fly in coach? Don’t they understand that just about EVERYONE in coach is just a half a heartbeat from going postal on someone? ANY excuse would set these passengers off into a deadly rage that would make a steroid-filled UFC fight look like a couple of girls playing with Barbies. I mean, come on, guys! You’re sending this poor schmuck on a suicide mission anyway! Why not at least let him enjoy his last meal on a real plate with real flatware in Business Class? Not to mention that his fellow passengers are probably going to be a lot less tense and a little less quick to attempt to throw his ass out the nearest exit (remember, the closest one may be located behind you).

Then, there was the music video I saw in my daughter’s room this morning. First, let me emphasize that I mean NO DISRESPECT to the hearing impaired. But I just have to comment on this. The video was one of the typical, plastic pop divas bumping and grinding and lip-synching to some inane piece of computer generated crap. But in the lower right corner of the screen was a woman in perhaps mid to late thirties, a good 60 pounds overweight, signing the song. That was okay, I guess, but it just struck me as odd and out of place. What made it FUNNY, however, was when she was gyrating and grinding along with the music.

OK, I guess you had to be there.

Anyway, I could go on but I figure if I stop now, I can write again sooner. So, until then, remember…

Life is a sandwich. Eat it UP!


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