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Mike's Long Walk (An Appalachian Trail adventure)

Hans Halberstadt, Photographer
Great Action Guy stuff! Hans also has lots of books out there pertaining to different military units. Check some of them out.


Probably the greatest radio station on the air or net. A great mix ALL the time. Just the right stuff to listen to while cooking and/or drinking yourself into a stupor.

Save the Boy Scouts!
Help send a message to congress, gays, fascists, perverts, femi-nazis, and anyone else who dares screw with this, one of the LAST decent and moral of organizations.
Sourdoughs International
A wide variety of sourdough cultures from around the world.


'From Routes to Roots' Blog Archives

Todd Sears, a retired Naval Intelligence officer currently living in Northamptonshire, UK, writes about a wide and eclectic variety of topics relating to his family’s impending move to Michigan in 2008. And a sea-story or two.

More really cool tunes!

Sandwich Directory at N-E-X-U-S.com - sandwiches related news, books and web resources
Check out these AWESOME
Warmongering videos! Grouchy really does a great job!
See what's up in your local Special Forces Association Chapter:
Chapter 38
Chapter 16

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