Mike's Long Walk

For my mother, Gale, who taught me love, humility, and to see past my nose.

 I have been asked repeatedly why I�m doing the walk and how can I take so much time off; and what charity I�m supporting � so here's a little of my story.

Why walk more than 2,000 miles? Well I got lost in the Green Mountains one summer when I was a kid and nearly froze to death in the Whites the following summer, but I was hooked on the wild places for life. So I joined the Marines to learn about land navigation, how to stay warm and self discipline. And a few other things as well�

Time off? After the amount of deployments I�ve been on, oh yeah! So I�m working for the Army now as a civilian, and I asked to take a few months leave without pay. Now, before you start muttering, I�ve volunteered to go to both Iraq and Afghanistan but remained on the bench. Walking the Appalachian Trail has been a long term goal of mine, and the time has finally arrived to get out and see it. Maybe I�ll get the call when I�m in shape after 2000 miles�

Charity? There are so many doing incredible work everyday, so  I thought long and hard about it. The most fantastic thing I remember hearing about in the early eighties was a flying hospital that flew doctors to interesting places to give sight back to children with preventable blindness. They call this program Orbis, and that's what I'm supporting on this walk. Please give generously if you can.

And me? Well I've been described as hard headed, but warm hearted. Driven. A voracious reader and collector of maps. I�m a lover of dogs, cats, single malt scotch, good Blues music and my family. I�m currently living in a small English village in Northamptonshire. Basketball and Ultimate Frisbee are my free time fun. The Boston Red Sox, Liverpool Football Club, The New England Patriots and a good game of cricket in the summer give me seasonal entertainment (as will a few cold ones, too, of course).

I will start the trail on 4 April 2007. If my knees and morale hold out, I�ll be standing on Katahdin in September. For all my friends and family who kept telling me you were gonna go with me and gave me a rain check, I'll take that as my trail name. Just call me Rain Check and I'm gone.

Many thanks for the words written by Iron Toothpick (a snack), Postcard (a meal) and many others.


Check out the song Alan Watts Blues by Van Morrison, and the book Cloud Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown by Victoria Rose

Please say a little prayer for me.

Mucho Thanko to my man Mike Jacquard who is bringing the words, pictures and this site to you.

I�m off to see the wilderness, the wonderful wilderness of Awes!


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