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Good read
"We're Off To See The Wilderness, The Wonderful Wilderness of Awes." by M.E. "Postcard" Hughes

Come along for a grand adventure from your favorite chair while avoiding the blisters. A city slicker named "Postcard" escapes mid-life boredom to hike the 2000 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Postcard documents the whimsical and entertaining sides of this Georgia to Maine epic journey through both words and images. You'll unravel the mysteries of why black bears steal shoes and why nothing will dry when you live in the rain. Learn how to eat anything and everything you ever dreamed of and not gain a single pound. Impossibly difficult at times, he'll be reintroduced to the beauty and grandeur of this land – mountain vistas that make the soul leap will be his kingdom.

It's a story that's equal parts Norman Rockwell humanity, New Yorker magazine cartoon wit, and Indiana Jones adventure. However, if you do feel inspired to don a backpack to answer your own call of the wilderness, Postcard details a smart, up-to-date way to "Have more smiles in your miles."

Ask for it at your bookstore or order from: www.xlibris.com/thewildernessofawes.html
Hardback and softcover






































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